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Niurca Marquez / nu flamenco
Niurca Marquez / Nu Flamenco

In this third installment of the multi-tiered experience in researching cultural memory that has been The History House, Niurca collects local history, personal narratives from the community and the town’s natural geography to create a performative installation in a 100 year old, three-story house that challenged audiences to create their own personal performance experience. ​


In this project, Jose Luis Rodriguez (guitarista and composer) explores the stories passed down in families, stories we do not live first-hand, but that are “relived” through recall or an evocation of the past and are part of our identities. The concert flamenco guitar is pulled out of its traditional spaces and paired with film and electronic music to create the evocative atmosphere. The use of the psychology of sound allows us to perceive the music differently and that soundscape becomes a sensorial experience.


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The History House is an exploration on cultural memory and how it is passed down from one generation to the next. It is a voyage through the sayings, customs and stereotypes, at times filled with humor, at times nostalgic, that explores the idea of what is “Spanish” from the perspective of a particular group of Latino immigrants (namely Caribbean and coastal). It is a work of experimental flamenco that combines dance, theater and film and de-constructs the forms of flamenco music and dance.

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